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An unexpected letter sparks a combustible romance.

Growing up with an emotionally unavailable family, Lucy Solberg is ready for more. The only problem is that she doesn’t know what that is. Taking a chance, she sends a letter addressed to Any American Soldier. When Griffin Cooper answers, she’s intrigued by his mysteriousness. He bares his soul in his letters yet holds back at the same time. Now that Lucy has met Griffin in person, she’s determined to never let him get away. She knows he’s the only man for her, and she’ll pull out all the stops to convince him they deserve to be together.

Being part of the elite Eagle Team means no attachments. He must be ready to leave at moment’s notice, never knowing if he’ll return home alive. Griffin doesn’t know what made him dig his hands into a basket of letters sent to Any American Soldier. After a particularly bad mission, he was looking for something a little more innocent to restore his faith in humanity. He certainly never expected to fall in love with the young woman on the other end of the pen, but Lucy’s enthusiasm and zest for life draws him in and gives him hope he doesn’t think he deserves.

When an enemy from Griffin’s past has Lucy in his crosshairs, he must come out of the darkness to save the only light in his life. He’s already fallen in love with the person she is but is afraid to commit out of fear that his job will always keep her in danger. Can he save Lucy from the deranged sex trafficker hell-bent on getting revenge on Griffin, or will she become just another statistic?

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