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True to the rock star stereotype, this was not my first stint in rehab, but I was really hoping it would be my last. Something was different this time. I had no computer, no phone, no tablet, and no ability to make music other than a pen and paper. That was all the same as before, but this time, I connected with something that I really wanted to explore. And since I was about to be plugged back in, I was ready to get started on my research.


I bounded down the steps toward the car. The only thing I carried was a tattered book. I couldn’t remember the last time I was full of this kind of energy and optimism. I was looking forward to my life after substance abuse. I had a million ideas for new songs.


And I had a girl to meet.

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Natalie Shepherd has finally found her freedom. The danger that has ruled her life for years is finally behind her. She’s ready to start living again, and that means exploring a romantic relationship with Eric Davis—the man who has protected her for years. But just when she thinks she’s finally gotten everything she ever wanted, threats come around again from a very unlikely source.

Eric moved to Grayson Falls for a new life with his daughter. He didn’t expect to fall in love, but Natalie has held his heart for years. Now, she’s ready to explore the attraction that has always been between them. But to do that, Eric needs to leave his role of protector behind in order to give Natalie what she really needs. Just when he’s accomplished that, the danger returns, and this time threatens both his daughter and the woman he loves.

Worth Waiting For is the exciting final installment in the Grayson Falls series where the new bonds the family has formed are tested by a crisis they should have seen coming.
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