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While serving his country, Ethan Donahue's life changed in one horrific second. One minute he was in a Humvee returning to his base and the next, he was flying through the air after a roadside bomb hit their unit. Now, the next phase of his life was starting earlier than planned and without part of his leg. When he returns home to discover his parents sold their farm, he heads to Grayson Falls to connect with his siblings and start a new life. All he wanted was to bond with his family and bring his sister's defunct farm back to life. Then Brooke showed up in his barn wearing stiletto designer boots and his world was once again turned upside down.

Brooke Larrabe needed to escape her posh life in Boston. Stuck in a loveless marriage, a minor accident opens her eyes to her life of entitlement and lack of self-worth. She runs away to Grayson Falls, New Hampshire to figure out her next steps and who she really wants to be as a person. What she gains is a new purpose and fulfilling life in a small-town where money isn't what's most important.

He's an injured farm boy and she's a former debutant from two worlds that were never supposed to collide. But in Grayson Falls, everyone gets a second chance.

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