The Good Race

Jackie Reilly lost her father in a catastrophic stock car racing accident and gained a brother the same day. With no one left, she follows him to a prestigious boarding school where she strikes up an unlikely friendship and romance with the school bad boy. But Danny McKenzie isn't everything he seems.

All but abandoned at a boarding school by his father, Danny McKenzie is ready to be out of his prison until the mysterious and haunted Jackie Reilly shows up as his nemesis' long lost sister. Now he finds himself making plans to stay and discovering the wonder of first love. But when Danny's father finally answers his pleas and withdraws him from school on prom night, he leaves Jackie behind with a broken heart.

Now, more than a decade later, Jackie and Danny are reunited under tragic circumstances. They discover their connection is still strong, but are their feelings for each other as adults real or just the nostalgic remnants of first love?

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The Slow Lane

Sophie Van Stewart has been in love with Ryan Willis her entire life, but he never showed any interest in her. In an effort to move on with her life, she opens a general store in Grayson Falls, New Hampshire after college. With the business a success, she’s got everything she needs. When Ryan follows his sister Jackie and moves to Grayson Falls, Sophie dares not get her hopes up. This time Ryan is interested in her, but danger has followed him.


Ryan Willis is determined to solve the mysterious death of racing legend Jimmy Reilly. As he gets closer to discovering the truth, the danger increases. The investigation threatens not only Ryan’s life, but Sophie and their fledgling relationship. Ryan is determined not to let anything or anyone harm Sophie, but she is steadfast in her resolve to stand by her man. To ensure her safety, Ryan has to solve the mystery or risk everything he loves.

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The Perfect Game


Zach Porter was living the dream, pitching for the major leagues with the New England Mavericks, being courted by the press and Hollywood starlets, tables at the best restaurants, endorsement deals, everything he wanted from his career. Until he injured his shoulder. Now, as he comes back from surgery and works his way back to the pitcher’s mound, he has his sights set on something else—Piper Lewis, a beautiful, deaf artist he met while visiting his siblings in Grayson Falls, New Hampshire. Zach knows the best years of his career are behind him, but he’s got one more goal in mind before he can leave the game on his own terms.


Piper Lewis wasn’t born deaf. She lost her hearing as a young adult after a serious illness. She had to relearn how to approach the world around her, fight to establish her independence, and her place in the art world. Painting is more than just a passion for Piper. It’s her therapy. Her way to make sense of a world that keeps putting obstacles in her way. Just when she was starting to think about joining her parents in Florida, Zach Porter blew into Grayson Falls. Her favorite baseball player in the flesh, and he set his sights on her.


Zach and Piper are from two very different worlds. His is loud, crowded, and exciting. Hers is quiet, peaceful, and private. To make a life together, they’ll need to learn to adapt and survive in each other’s world, learn to live outside of their comfort zones, and learn to play The Perfect Game.

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The Guardian 

Jack Justice didn't believe in love or the power of the human spirit and was fresh out of faith. But that all changed when he saved Lady Eleanor from highway bandits and discovered she was the Guardian of a Philosopher's Stone. Now, the quest is on to keep the stone from sinister hands. In the first installment of a four-book series, Jack learns the power of teamwork, the importance of family and friendship, and how far he will go to protect the woman that has come to mean everything to him.

With the gift of eternal life, Nora has been searching for a hundred years for the Scholar, the Healer and the Fox, so that together, they may use the stone for good and keep it away from evil intent.  Nora is convinced that Jack is her Warrior and will protect her in her journey at all costs.  All she has to do is teach him it’s all right to love, to trust someone else and depend on them to help you achieve your goal. 

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Breaking Free

Dr. Sebastian Stuart wants nothing more than to break out from under his father’s thumb. Born after a frat-party fling, his mother abandoned him and his father left him to be raised by his grandparents. Now, Sebastian is giving up a lucrative career as a Chicago surgeon to practice in the small town of Grayson Falls, New Hampshire with his sister.


After losing her job at the library, Megan Miller took a job as Jackie and Danny McKenzie’s new nanny to make ends meet. When the new doctor comes to town, Megan does everything she can to avoid him. He looks at her with knowing eyes, as if he can look deep inside her and see the illness she tries to hide.


Sebastian is enchanted by the conservative and evasive Megan. She has an aversion to doctors he doesn’t understand, yet works for his sister. He’s drawn to her and can’t stay away. Together, they learn to break free of the limits set upon them and open themselves up to love.

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The Scholar

The year is 1849 and Jack and Nora Justice have returned to the United States to continue their search for The Scholar, The Healer and The Fox, along with the Philosopher’s Stone that has been lost to them for 80 years. They’ve been closing in on The Scholar, but with the reunion comes a frightening new discovery.

Bridget McGuire has been running for nearly 200 years, dodging Lord Rogan’s men at every turn. Her luck may be running out though as she comes across startling information and with it, the knowledge that the game has changed. When she’s reunited with The Guardian, she’s unsure if their goals remain the same.

In the second installment in The Guardian epic, the stakes are higher and with them come more dangers, revelations and secrets that were best left buried.

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Second Chances

While serving his country, Ethan Donahue's life changed in one horrific second. One minute he was in a Humvee returning to his base and the next, he was flying through the air after a roadside bomb hit their unit. Now, the next phase of his life was starting earlier than planned and without part of his leg. When he returns home to discover his parents sold their farm, he heads to Grayson Falls to connect with his siblings and start a new life. All he wanted was to bond with his family and bring his sister's defunct farm back to life. Then Brooke showed up in his barn wearing stiletto designer boots and his world was once again turned upside down.

Brooke Larrabe needed to escape her posh life in Boston. Stuck in a loveless marriage, a minor accident opens her eyes to her life of entitlement and lack of self-worth. She runs away to Grayson Falls, New Hampshire to figure out her next steps and who she really wants to be as a person. What she gains is a new purpose and fulfilling life in a small-town where money isn't what's most important.

He's an injured farm boy and she's a former debutant from two worlds that were never supposed to collide. But in Grayson Falls, everyone gets a second chance.

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