Hello! I’m Anne Marie Mahler. I hail from Northern New Jersey where I was born, raised, and lived until 2008 when my husband, son, and I moved down to a suburb of Richmond, VA. We love it down here, but I do miss the snow and the bears! We’re kept busy with our teenage son, various hobbies, two dogs, and one cat!


I write in the contemporary romance and fantasy genres and started writing in high school, fiction books only teenage girls might like—emphasis on the word might. In a fit of self-loathing, feelings of inadequacy, and generally feeling like I wouldn’t ever make it in the writing world, I destroyed all my precious notebooks with those stories in them that at one time were so precious and important to me. I recommend NOT doing that.


I spent my adult career moving back and forth between working as a legal assistant in law firms and working from home as a court transcriber. One day, like all writers, I hope to make writing a full-time job. For now, the law firm pays the bills and provides the health insurance.


I received a Bachelor’s of English-Creative Writing online from Southern New Hampshire University where I learned the ins and outs of the publishing world.


Currently, I am both traditionally published by Raconteur Books and self-published. Both have their challenges, perks, and pitfalls, but I wouldn’t trade either one.


My books are available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble in print and e-book. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter at https://www.facebook.com/AMMahler3206/?ref=bookmarks and https://twitter.com/AMMahler3206.


I look forward to connecting with you! Happy Reading!